Dragon Tiger Winning Tips

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Dragon Tiger is one of the popular online betting games in Asia that is invented in Cambodia. If you are still unfamiliar with Dragon Tiger, it has the basis of Casino War and similar betting system like Baccarat. Although this game looks easy, this game requires special tips to win it. Here is the list of Dragon Tiger winning tips that you should know.

Dragon Tiger Winning Tips

  1. Bet on Dragon or Tiger is the Best Option

Bet on Dragon or Tiger is the best option for players who do not want to use card counting or strategies. For this bets, the house edge is 3.73% that makes it the lowest bet that you have ever seen in this game. Be confidence while betting, especially if you are sure that the ranking card of Dragon hand or the Tiger hand will be higher.

  1. Counting Card by Live Dragon Tiger is Perfect

As we know, this game is very simple. Even with the smallest card, players can easily count the cards and track how small or big those that they have been dealt with. Most significantly, you should follow how many 7s have been dealt. If a 7 is drawn in the game, whatever your bet amount, you will lose it.

  1. Use Suit-Based Strategy

Many of you think that the key factor of success in playing Dragon Tiger is great luck. However, this is not 100% true because of the fact that you still need a great strategy to make big money in this game.

The best strategy that you can learn is tracking the cards, which have been dealt the most. For example, calculate how many decks have been used and how many suit cards in the game. It is the best option for you to bet on the clubs if your estimation shows the clubs are not played after several times.

  1. The Tie Bet is a Bad Idea

The tie bet will give players much money because it pays you 8 to 1. Although it looks very interesting, actually, it is a bad idea to choose because the house edge on this bet is 32.77%. This fact proves that your chances of winning are reduced. The tie bet is a great challenge for you to lose much money or win it.

  1. Betting Systems Do Not Work on Dragon Tiger

There is an option that players can play the game with the betting systems or not. It is just to make it easier for players to play it. Although many players recommend them, play with betting systems is one of the worst ideas because it will decrease your opportunity to get big money. So do not be easily fooled by the game. Starting from now on, play the game without betting systems for the best winning.

You can do these Dragon Tiger winning tips at online casinos in Asia like Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia to get a bigger chance of winning. Although it looks very easy to play, this game presents a challenge that makes players need to have a great strategy to place the bet. Good luck!

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