Facts about Handicap Betting

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Handicap betting is commonly used in many sports betting like soccer, tennis, basketball and rugby, but now, this it implements on horse racing. Bettors should know the facts about handicap betting to give a clear understanding about Handicap Betting. Novice bettors may assume that Handicap betting is confusing system. But, you should know what the rules are, how it works and other facts about it. If you invest time to study about it, you may gain many wins.

Facts about Handicap Betting

Handicap betting, line betting or Asian Handicap refers to a system where the gamblers alter a sporting match into a money betting, by offering a virtual advantages or disadvantages for the particular competitors. Moreover, this system gives a balance assessment of the contest.

Basically, the aim of this system is to equalize and decrease the gaps on the match between favorite and an underdog. In this system, the sports book presents a numerous benefits to underdog team. The QQ188asia.com Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker provides chance the bettors to place bet on the underdog. Then, they can select the margin of the winning. Gamblers will consider as a winner when the underdog team drew or lead the score.

No Draw Handicap Betting

It seems difficult to find the sport books that offers draw handicap match betting. It occurs to make one-sided sporting more fun to play betting. The way to bet in handicap betting is by giving half handicaps to a particular team.

For instance, Liverpool against Chelsea in a Premier League match. The sport book place handicap +1.5 to Chelsea and you bet on Chelsea to secure three points. Surprisingly, the result is that Liverpool beat Chelsea 3-2. You may assume that you lose your bet. It does not. Because you place handicap +1.5 on Chelsea, the score is 3.5-3 to Liverpool in the term of the bet.

It would be impossible that the gambler can bet in a draw. The idea is simple, it is impossible to score half goal in football.

Avoid the Leaky Defenses

We suggest you to stay away from the teams with leaky defenses. Frankly, the teams that scored many goals are not always solid at the back. They have potential striker but not solid defense. Keep in mind that Handicap betting is not the goal scored market. This system does not allow you to place bet for the scorer or player who scored in the game.

Handicap are the system to find the team that are conceding on the match and get win as well. Thus, be careful when you place bet on the team that has bad record on their defense even though they have good striker.

Although handicap betting seems confusing, consider this system as another option in betting. If you are sure to use and place bet through handicap betting, we suggest you to study more about the team and the system. Hopefully, knowing the facts about handicap betting convince you to place bet through handicap betting. Practice and get the positive side of this system

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