Great Casino War Strategy for Beginners

Great Casino War Strategy for Beginners

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If you have an elusive win at the gambling table you could only get ahead through first acknowledging that it is anything but a game of chance or luck. In order for you to have the jackpot, there is a need for you to have classic casino war strategy in order to safely place you above the house edge. These great casino war strategy for beginners are considered to be simple enough and it is the reason why many of the player would flock to the table.

Great Casino War Strategy for Beginners

Having a side wager, you are to be that first card you play would tie with that of the dealer. The said 10:1 pay out for your bet might be a bit lucrative. But you must also consider the fact that the casino edge might exceeds 18.5%. Even if winning is considered to be possible under this unlikely circumstance it would be too big of a risk to take that’s why just consider forgetting it. You will get higher chance in  the site The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia when you play live casino games there.

Great Casino War Strategy for Beginners
Great Casino War Strategy for Beginners

Casino War Strategy

Once you want to play and also win at Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website then start deciding once you should surrender your bet or continue up until you reach a tie. The best option logically would be not quitting because once you do so you would lose half of wager to the house. Once you surrender once there is a tie the house would have 3.7% edge.

Once you go to war, the said edge would tremendously reduce to a meager 2.8%. This would mean that once you hang on, there would be 50-50 chance of winning even you should have another wager which is equal to the first bet in order to continue. The best strategy is to not surrender.

Avoid Betting on Tie

The game requires six decks which give a player as well as dealer with equal chances of winning a game. Once the game goes on right after a tie, a loss would translate to losing both the bet you place to go into the war and the initial bet as well. Losing half of your bet on surrender might not be as bad as losing everything however losing is still considered as losing.

Once you win, you would get 10:1 payout. But, juicy as the prospects might seem, in an ante bet there would be 13 possible card values which the dealer might get and only of them could bring you the chance of winning a tie bet. The 10:1 payout might not even be enough to cover the 12 losses within the tie bet. Since the house has 18.65% edge you would also have this slim chance of winning the tie bet. So the best strategy is to know the house has the higher edge having a tie.

Look out for the Aces

Ace is considered as the highest denomination card once in Casino War. The strategy here is that there is a need to consider the intervals wherein the dealer would be laying out the aces. Once you have not seen the ace within a while, it might show up soon and so once you get it you might be on tie or would win. But remember that you could never tell with certainty when will the ace appear. Rather, the knowledge about it would show soon will raise your edge on the table. Just always watch out the cards on the layout.

Place Small Wagers

Casino War would always put the house in advantage. Most of the time, it is considered as a question of cutting back into your losses. With this knowledge, once you ride on the adrenaline rush of waiting for the Ace, always remember with every successive bet that you place would double your initial bet. Though you win, you would only win what you have bet. Try getting into the game with an idea that you would not leave with big bucks only a big dent into your wallet. Just play for fun and not for money.

There are still numbers of strategies that you should consider once into Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site like knowing when to walk away and avoiding the idea about cheating. If you follow the said strategies then there will be an assurance of achieving your goal even as a beginner.

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