Tips to Win in Three Picture Casino Game

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Online casino game gains its popularity among online gamblers from The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. Online casino has been built a big industry. Whether you are professional or novice bettors, gaining many wins and less lose are the basic goal in playing casino game. All casino games have its own advantages to make cash. Bettors are able to choose and play it freely. One of the games is Three Picture Game. Sooner or later, this game has developed into popular game. Thus we provide Tips to Win in Three Picture Casino Game.

Tips to Win in Three Picture Casino Game

How to Win?

Three Pictures game uses a single deck of cards. In this game, all picture cards (King, Queen, and Jack) are the main card in here. Each bettors and the banker play with three cards. They will gain jackpot if they get the expression of “3 knights’, ‘Double Knight Seven’, ‘Plain Three’ and or other expressions. The goal of Three Picture Game is to get the highest possible ranking hand.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll is one of the important aspect in this game. No bettor are able to predict how long they can stay in the game. When you gain many wins and try to add your bets, it seems that you will get much cash. But, be careful and consider again your step. This system is not quite effective and will not help you.

Fortunately, managing the bankroll helps you to extend you time in the game. Do not get confused with this aspect. Take an example on how you play. If the chips are down, place wager lower, and you can extend your game longer in the game. If you are obviously profiting, place bet higher, and you will gain much cash. Watch out your movement in betting progression. Your bet will vary after several wins or losses. If you do not move carefully, you will blow your bankroll swiftly if you hit a losing streak.

Learn the Rules of the Game

Three Pictures is not quite simple. Basically, players collect same pictures of all picture cards (king, Queen, Jack) in the deck. Moreover, the players should know and memorize the ranking lists of the betting system. If you remember it, it will help you the most.

There are 31 ranking lists to be remembered. We provide 10 best ranked.

1 3 Knights have 3 pictures cards 6 Single Knight Eight 1 picture cards +points of remaining cards 8
2 Double Knights Nine Have 2 picture cards + 9 7 Plain Eight Total of three cards is 8, no picture cards
3 Single Knights Nine 1 picture cards +points of remaining cards 9 8 Double Knights Seven Have 2 picture cards+7
4 Plain Nine Total of three cards is 9, no picture cards 9 Single Knight Seven 1 picture cards +points of remaining cards 7
5 Double Knights Eight Have 2 picture cards+8 10 Plain Seven Total of three cards is 7, no picture cards

It seems that Picture game is confusing game. But, if you keep practicing, we believe that you will gain money in this game. This game simple, memorizing the betting system is the matter. Hopefully, the Tips to Win in Three Picture Casino Game helps you to gain money.

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